Title Author(s) Description Published
Newsletter Issue 81 Melvin B. Lehman Melvin continues his theme of western civilization and the kingdom of God, projecting a strategy that must be bold, courageous, realistic, and good news. 08/14/2006
Newsletter Issue 80 Melvin B. Lehman The feature article is an excerpt from Melvin Lehman's state of the school address on March 22, 2006. It included pictures of the "little gym" project. 05/14/2006
Newsletter Issue 79 Milo E. Zehr Milo Zehr discusses the issues related to mentoring, the subject of FB's Discipleship at Faith Builders Workshops for March 2006. 02/15/2006
Newsletter Issue 78 Melvin B. Lehman Director Melvin Lehman counters the malaise of world news with the good news that our God reigns. This issue contains a list of staff and photos of the students at Faith Builders this year. 12/01/2005
Newsletter Issue 77 Milo E. Zehr Campus pastor Milo Zehr describes the good news of the kingdom. 09/01/2005
Newsletter Issue 76 Melvin B. Lehman Director Melvin Lehman completes his narrative and answers the question "What can be?" in relation to Faith Builders. 06/01/2005
Newsletter Issue 75 Melvin B. Lehman Director Melvin Lehman reflects on the history of Faith Builders and shares his dreams for its future place in the Kingdom of God. 03/01/2005


Title Author(s) Description Published
Connections Issue 4 various This issue features alumni Lonnie & Evie Weaver and an interview with Brandon Mullet about choir tours. It also includes updates from many alumni and recent reading lists. 09/04/2019
Connections Issue 3 various 09/12/2018
Connections Issue 2 various 09/03/2017
Connections Issue 1 various 06/06/2016