Faith Builders Scholarships

Tuition and Scholarships


Tuition Information

Typical Cost by Term for Single, In‐Dorm Student

Fall Semester and
Apprenticing Term
Short TermSpring SemesterAnnual Total
Tuition and Fees$6,355$1,645$5,275$13,275

Actual situations will vary. Textbooks and personal expenses are not included in this projection. Actual costs per student are approximately 50% higher than what students are charged. This subsidy is met through donations and volunteer labor.

Faith Builders Training Institute Scholarships

Faith Builders Training Institute offers scholarships to assist students with the cost of education. This financial assistance complements personal initiative and responsibility on the student’s part, with the goal of encouraging personal financial responsibility and commitment. Our desire is to nurture heartfelt gratitude in scholarship recipients and to equip them to serve their communities with humility and joy.

By funding these scholarships, individuals and businesses demonstrate their commitment to the work of Faith Builders. This investment underscores their belief in the value of preparation for service.

Tuition at Faith Builders Training Institute costs $13,275 per year. Meals and lodging are additional costs. (Campus lodging and meals for a single student is nearly $5,000 per year.) Faith Builders offers a variety of scholarships to qualifying students. Our goal is an average annual out-of-pocket cost for tuition, meals, and lodging of $8,250 per student.

Over the past 3 years, an average of $287,025 in scholarships was distributed to 35 students. The average scholarship received was $8,221, with amounts ranging from $800-$14,858.

Fb Scholarships

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship Requirements

The following eligibility requirement applies to all scholarships: (Additional requirements apply to specific scholarships.)

  1. Annual income of less than $70,000/year  ($85,000 for married couples plus $5,000 for each dependent.)
  2. Liquid Assets cannot be more than $33,000 plus $5,500 for each year of age over 20. ($10,000 per year for married couples.)
  3. Be accepted for a two-year track of study at Faith Builders Training Institute.
  4. Maintain a 3.0 GPA. (Scholarship recipients whose GPA drops below 3.0 should discuss their situation with the FBTI administrator to determine their continued scholarship eligibility.)
  5. Application deadline: January 1 for early application and May 1 for regular application
  6. Awards Announcement: Awards will be announced by January 31 and May 31.

Financial Need scholarships

  • Financial need scholarships assist low-income students in attending Faith Builders. While Faith Builders encourages academic excellence, academic aptitude is not the criterion in this scholarship. Actual scholarship awards are determined by the student’s financial situation and the funds available to distribute.
  • All other scholarships may be combined with the Financial Need Scholarship.
Financial Needs Scholarship
Situational Scholarship

Situation scholarships

Scholarships are offered to the following students:

  • Ministers and long-term missionaries
  • Children through the age of 21 of long-term missionaries
  • Volunteers who completed a minimum of one year of voluntary service within the last twelve months: scholarship for one semester per year of service
  • Volunteers who completed a minimum of one year of voluntary service at Faith Builders: scholarship for two semesters per year of service served at Faith Builders
  • Spouses of students: scholarship equal to 50% of tuition and 100% of audit tuition
  • Children of full-time Faith Builders staff (through age 21)

Weaverland Conference Scholarship

Primary Purpose: To equip and train teachers for Weaverland Conference schools, either through the two-year Teachers Apprenticing Track or through the Summer Term. Secondary Purpose: To equip and train Weaverland Conference students for ministry. If all opportunities to assist Weaverland Conference students are filled, the remaining funds may be used to assist students not from Weaverland Conference. 

These scholarships are given as a “loan” to be forgiven year-by-year as the recipient meets certain conditions. If the recipient does not meet the requirements for loan forgiveness, the recipient is expected to notify Faith Builders; details of repayment will be arranged. Conditions:

  • Recipients must be teaching in a Christian school or working for a nonprofit organization.
  • Recipients must be working for a nonprofit organization. 
  • Exceptions or additional loan forgiveness may be granted at Faith Builders’ discretion.
  • Summer Term scholarship recipients fulfill the loan forgiveness expectations by teaching during the upcoming school year.

Loan forgiveness schedule:

  • Fulfill the conditions for one year after graduation from Faith Builders: 60% of the scholarship forgiven
  • Fulfill the conditions for two years after graduation from Faith Builders: The remaining 40% of the scholarship is forgiven.

Award amounts:

  •  Summer Term student awards are $1,000 – $1,500
  • Full-time student awards are $2,000 – $7,500.
Anja Miller Memorial Scholarship

Anja Miller Memorial Scholarship

Through an endowment at the Anabaptist Foundation, the Anja Miller Memorial Scholarship is offered to students meeting the financial needs requirement, with preference given to applicants from Center Amish-Mennonite, applicants from Kansas, female applicants, and applicants with an interest in music. The scholarship is open to both female and male applicants.

  • Applicants must submit an additional 300-500-word essay describing their vision for music in the life of the church.
  • Three to four scholarships of $3,000 – $5,000 are awarded each year.
  • Awards will be announced by January 31 or May 31.

Regional Scholarships

Regional scholarships are available first for applicants from a specific location and second for applicants from anywhere in the respective state. If there are no qualified applicants from the state, the fund will be available to other applicants to Faith Builders Training Institute. 

Regional scholarships currently available:

  • Holmes County $15,000
  • Kansas TAP $10,000
  • Lancaster Area $30,000
  • Northern Indiana $15,000
  • South-eastern States  $15,000
  • South-central States $15,000
Regional Scholarship

International Student Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students from outside the United States and Canada. Scholarships are awarded to international students as funds are available.

FBEP Canada scholarship

Faith Builders Educational Programs Canada offers a scholarship of $25,000 CAD to a Canadian student admitted into the Teacher Apprenticing Program (TAP) at Faith Builders Training Institute. For more information or an application, contact Kevin Bauman (, 519-656-3031).