Current Projects

Growth Project

$156,320 remaining need

Beginning need: $3,670,000

The FBEP Growth project is preparing for the next 30 years by  (1) building a new Resource Group facility and (2) expanding the spaces usable by FBTI. The Resource Group building is complete, and we have…READ MORE.

Operating Funds

$108,770  remaining need

Beginning need: $340,770

Faith Builders is dependent on the provision of God through His people. We are grateful for the many people who regularly give to enable the ministry of Faith Builders.

Living History- Weavings

$50,600 remaining need

Beginning need: $140,000

Living History Weavings is developing an academically engaging, servant-oriented, and teacher-friendly history and geography curriculum to Anabaptist schools. Two years remain in the development process.

Ongoing Needs of Faith Building

We are dependent on and grateful for the faithful donations from our partners. With financial gifts from our community, we are enabled to help:

Donations for Faith Builders

FBTI Scholarship

Your gifts help needy students find a way to study at FB. $100,000 needed

Donate for Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Congregational Singing and Worship weekend workshop: $14,000 needed. Heart and Voice: $8000

Donate to FBCS

Curriculum Development

Living History Weavings: $140,000 needed. Church History: $64,000 needed

Donate for Servant Institute

Servant institute

Gifts to Servant Institute reduce the cost for participating leaders.

Donate for Events


Administrators Conference: $16,500. College Student Weekend: $7500. REACH (during odd years) $30,000

Donate by Mail

For donations over $500, we prefer a check or money order mailed to:

Faith Builders Educational Programs

28527 Guys Mills Rd

Guys Mills PA 16327

Please specify your designation with a mailed donation.

Other Payment Information

If you would like more information about contributing through the PA EITC program, please visit Scholarship Services.

Faith Builders is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by the law. The ECFA has awarded financial accreditation to Faith Builders for compliance with the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™.