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Alumni Snapshots

Reuben Petersheim

Reuben and Patty Petersheim

Reuben (TAP 99) and Patty (TAP 03) Petersheim: (back) Heather, Reuben, Patty, Holly; (front) Kendrick, Jamie, Benjamin. The entire family is involved at Maranatha Christian School: Reuben full-time as administrator/teacher, Patty part-time as Elementary Principal, and their children as students.

Kevin Smucker

Kevin and Krystal Smucker

Kevin (GS 16) and Krystal Smucker, Ramonn, 11, Davian, 8, Alek, 5, Ravi, 3; photo taken at the theater in Amman, Jordan. The Smucker family family is transitioning from living and working in the Middle East to an opportunity to work among internationals in Houston, Texas. Kevin and Krystal have lived in Jordan for the past four and a half years and are grateful for the things they’ve learned from the host culture. As they move to an international community in America, the Smuckers especially look forward to using the language and knowledge of the Arab culture that they have been surrounded by.

Rhonda Zimmerman

Rhonda Zimmerman

Rhonda Zimmerman (TAP 21) graduated from Liberty University in May 2022 with a B.A. in T.E.S.O.L. She is employed by Substitute Teacher Services as a paraprofessional at Blue Ball Elementary School and has also been hired by the education service agency IU-13 Lancaster (Lancaster/Lebanon Intermediate Unit-13) as an English as a Second Language instructor for adult classes. She volunteers as an English teacher with Global Impact in Lancaster, PA.

Areas our Alumni Serve

Admissions Study 2015: Alumni

Business (construction, farming, service trade, industry) 16%

College/Seminary Student 7%


Homemaker 21%

Medical (nursing, physician’s assistant, etc.) 3%

Nonprofit Ministry (admin, assist, administrator, missionary, etc.) 8%

Pastor (all are bi-vocational) 4%

School Leader 5%

School Teacher 25%

Unknown 8%