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Welcome To Faith Builders

We are in a time with many competing voices. The many stories that are told, commitments suggested, and truths proposed lead in different directions – toward or away from God. There have always been competing voices. However, in our times, the volume of competition is outstanding. We need discernment and practice to hear the voices that really matter.
In these times, we are committed to a pattern of life and learning that follows many faithful discerners who have come before. We aim to serve the church by cultivating learning experiences and offering resources for conservative Anabaptist people.

Academics discipleship for a fragmented world

Faith Builders Educational Programs is committed to nurturing Christians toward faithful service in the Kingdom of God. We do this in our grade 1-12 school (FBCS), our post-secondary Institute (FBTI), and through the events and services of Resource Group. We do this by teaching, relating, and practicing God-and-neighbor love.

Events Training for a lifetime of service

In addition to our two-year programs and short terms, we offer these events.

Our Approach and Vision Discipling Through Teaching, Relationships, and Practice


Faith Builders offers a wide range of teaching, resources, and learning activities that include curriculum, short and long-term academic terms, and events.


We believe that Christian education is best accomplished through relationships between God and the student and God’s people and students.


Faith Builders disciples through practice by including apprenticing opportunities, participation, and hands-on learning in our events, curriculum, and classes.