Ministries & Services

We find different ways to fulfill our mission to equip disciples. Students, teachers, and leaders are integral members of our communities. We seek to respond to identified needs through formal training and education, events, mentoring, and services. While the organization of Faith Builders spreads in multiple directions, we are unified around our vision to serve the church by discipling through holistic Christ-centered education in all our ministries.

Faith Builders Christian School

It is always encouraging when parents desire a sound, Christian educational experience for their children. At Faith Builders Christian School, we endeavor to provide that opportunity to every family we serve.

FBCS is a non-accredited private school. We appreciate the freedom and flexibility that a non-accredited status allows; furthermore, our graduates have successfully applied to attend colleges and universities. We cooperate closely with Faith Builders Training Institute to offer a teacher training/apprenticing program. Because of this we function, in many ways, as a lab school. We feel this is an added benefit for us since we are always seeking to improve our program and methods. Our primary goal is to serve parents in their God-given task of teaching and training their children.

In 1992, the old Randolph-Mead High School in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, was purchased by FBEP, and renovation was immediately started. The decision was made to open a parochial school in the fall of 1993 to provide a biblically-sound Christian education for community children, along with student-teaching opportunities. Melvin Lehman was the first parochial school administrator and the school year opened with thirty-eight students from grades one through twelve. Today, FBCS is an integral part of Faith Builders’ Teacher Apprenticing program, and it is our continued prayer that God will be able to use FBCS as a faithful instrument for His service.

We work to partner with local families and churches to provide a nurturing environment, equipping our children for Christ-centered service in the home, church, and community.

Christian Learning Resource

Christian Learning Resource (CLR) is the campus bookstore at Faith Builders Educational Programs. In addition to the brick-and-mortar store, we offer the convenience of online shopping through our webstore. Christian Learning Resource serves the Christian community by marketing quality educational and inspirational resources. We are committed to offering quality resources to nurture families and the Christian community. 

For your home, we offer resources for nurturing creative, generous, hardworking, joyful, and compassionate children. 

For your school, we offer resources for cultivating thinking, God-conscious, wise, articulate, and inspired students. 

For the church, we offer resources for equipping Christ-centered, peaceful, winsome, confident, skilled, scripture-formed, and spirit-filled servants.

Our focus is on offering what is worthwhile and lasting. We carry literature, curriculum, recorded music, songbooks, and other publications.

Faith Builders Scholarship Services

Faith Builders Scholarship Services channels scholarships for private education through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program. This program allows businesses to give money toward tuition assistance while receiving a 90% Pennsylvania tax credit. 

Scholarship Services staff serve as the hub of a wheel with four spokes: private schools, families, businesses, and the state, all within Pennsylvania. We connect businesses with the state by filing their applications and advocating for them in the approval process. We connect businesses and schools by funneling contributions to schools toward families’ tuition amounts. We connect families and businesses by providing an opportunity for families to express appreciation
to businesses for scholarships received. We are blessed to be able to support churches committed to Christian education, community outreach, and smaller teacher-to-student ratios. It is our goal to provide clarity, transparency, and accuracy to the scholarship process for businesses, individuals, schools, and families.

Congregational Singing and Worship workshop

The Congregational Singing and Worship Workshop is a 1½ day traveling workshop that provides teaching on a biblical perspective of worship, gives historical
context for our worship practices, and enables song leaders to grow their skills for leading congregational singing and worship. Brandon Mullet leads the workshop and is assisted by a number of other presenters.

The Dock for Learning

Educating children with excellence and in the fear of God is a demanding task. Teachers give up their personal time to build lesson plans. Board members invest hours in drafting policy and finding staff. Parents and ministers have questions and offer support. From school to school, from community to community, the process repeats.

The Dock is a website that serves teachers, administrators, board members, and parents of our conservative Anabaptist schools. Through this website, teachers are able to share lesson plans and classroom resources with each other. School board members are able to access administrative documents like school handbooks, written policies, and staff job descriptions.

Living history Curriculum

Living History is a story-rich history curriculum for grades 1-6. It incorporates church history, Anabaptist history, world history, United States history, and geography from the earliest grades. Developed by Faith Builders Resource Group for Anabaptist schools, Living History cultivates an orientation toward service and prioritizes academic rigor, student engagement, and ease of use.

Living History is divided into Living History Threads for grades 1-4 and Living History Weavings for grades 5 and 6. Living History Threads provides a comprehensive overview of key historical knowledge, delivered primarily through engaging read-aloud stories. Living History Weavings engages students in a focused study of three non-Western world regions and two historical biographies every year.

Servant Institute

Servant Institute is a two-year program of study and experiences designed for those who have been called to serve as organizational leaders.

The ability to serve by leading is a cultivated skill. School administrators, leaders of organizations, and ministers are looking for ways to further develop the capabilities needed for effectiveness. Servant Institute is an effort by Faith Builders Resource Group to develop the skills and habits generally present in effective organizational leaders.


ViewPoint produces articles several times a year, written by church leaders for church leaders. Materials produced are intended to assist and encourage church leaders. The project builds on the Anabaptist value of community wisdom. A team comprised primarily of older, ordained men forms the core executive group. Subcommittees are then formed to address particular issues, drawing in people experienced in the subject. 

ViewPoint was formed in response to repeated calls for help in addressing issues facing conservative Anabaptist leaders. A number of church leaders asked Faith Builders (Guys Mills) to facilitate the effort. 

The ViewPoint executive committee includes Steven Brubaker (PA), Merle Burkholder (ON), John Coblentz (PA), Matt Landis (PA), Gary Miller (ID), and David Yoder (KS).

Learning Support Institute

Learning Support Institute (LSI) is a two-year off-campus course of development for learning support teachers operating under the umbrella of Faith Builders Resource Group. LSI provides an opportunity for learning support teachers to develop knowledge and skills while actively serving in a local school.