2024 Winter Term

During the month of January, Faith Builders offers classes during a five-week term. The courses offered are focused on Bible, theology, Kingdom living, and music.

This five-week term offers courses and schedules to serve a wide variety of students, from young people seeking spiritual growth and practical teaching to seasoned pastors seeking refreshment and encouragement. Students can attend for two, three, or five weeks.

Winter Term includes courses to challenge and deepen your faith and equip you to serve your church better, whatever your phase or direction in life.

Full-time Faith Builders instructors are joined by church and mission leaders with teaching experience to offer Winter Term courses.

The application for Winter Term 2024 should be available by mid to late September.

Apply for Winter Term 2024

Application for Winter Term is currently closed.

The application fee and tuition deposit are $225. For cancelations prior to November 30, we will refund $150. There will be no refund for cancellations after November 30. If we deny your application or do not have space for you, we will refund $200.

In each class period, please indicate the class of your choice or select “No class this period.” A typical class load is 6-8 credit hours or 2-3 classes. Students are expected to take two classes per day for credit. Three classes per day is a typical maximum load. 

We recommend that you review the Winter Term brochure with course descriptions and cost information before completing an application. Courses and instructors are subject to change. Please note that some courses have prerequisites.

Married applicants:

  • Married couples should include information for both spouses on one application form. Use the second course selection section to indicate which courses your spouse will take.
  • Married couples only need to pay one application fee and tuition deposit.
  • Lodging for married students is limited. We assign lodging to use our space most efficiently. If you have special lodging needs, please include that information with your application.