Entrance Requirements

Entrance Requirements

Entrance Requirements FB

Requirements to Apply for Faith Builders

Applicants to Faith Builders should evidence Christian character and commitment, a commitment to family and church, some potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, and the academic achievement and ability necessary for assignments. The purpose of these requirements is not to exclude potential students but to ensure that students will succeed. Prospective students may call or write the admissions staff at Faith Builders to discuss plans, goals, and questions.

Requirements for Two-year Applicants

The primary criteria for selecting students for two-year tracks of study include the following:

  1. Spiritual Condition
    Of primary concern to the school is the spiritual and emotional condition of students. We are fully committed to the preparation of the whole person. In order to accomplish our goals, students must express
    • a desire to follow Christ in discipleship and service,
    • a willingness to be discipled, and
    • a commitment to uphold the standards of the school.
  2. Age
    The applicant should be at least eighteen years of age when studies at FB begin. Older students are often better prepared to benefit from the training program of the Institute.
  3. Relationship with home church and parents
    We are concerned that students maintain contact with their home church and parents. Apprentices must be church members in good standing. We need a commitment from a student’s home and church to stay in contact with the student on a regular basis while the student is at Faith Builders.
  4. Academic achievement and ability
    Applicants must demonstrate the ability to meet the academic requirements of Faith Builders. Some indicators of academic ability include:
    • A 2.0 grade point average from a high school or post-secondary institution.
    • Graduation from high school, certificate of high school equivalency (e.g., home-school), or a G.E.D. certificate. NOTE: We strongly recommend a college-preparatory high school curriculum that includes 4 units of English, 3 units of math, 3 units of science, 3 units of history, and 2 or more units of a foreign language.
    • Completion of college readiness test:
      • ACT composite of 21 or higher
      • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score of 550 or higher
      • SAT Total Score of 1100 or higher
      • ACT/SAT completion is not necessary if the applicant has 30 semester hours of transferable college credit with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, is over 24 years of age, or is an international student. We may also waive this requirement if they have studied previously at FB’s Summer or Winter Terms.
Application Requirements for Short Term

Requirements for Summer and Winter Term Applicants

  1. Be committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  2. Be at least eighteen years of age when the term begins.
  3. Be a church member in good standing.
  4. Support the doctrinal statement of Faith Builders.
  5. Be willing to follow the lifestyle guidelines of Faith Builders.

Other considerations in the enrollment process


An applicant will not be admitted who denies or is unwilling to receive instruction about any teaching in the doctrinal statement.


Faith Builders reserves the right to deny or revoke the admission of any candidate whose behavior or lifestyle is inconsistent with the doctrinal statement, biblical principles, or standards of the FB community.


Engaged or married applicants are welcome. The spouse or fiancée of an applicant should be involved in and supportive of any decision to seek admission to FB.


Race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, and disability are not factors in the selection process.

Application Requirements