Life verses: Hebrews 1:1-3; Matthew 6:33

Kendall’s roots are in Burke County, Georgia, where, with the exception of three years at a Puerto Rican mission, he grew up, helping in his family’s strawberry farm and working with his dad in construction. After graduating from high school, he did trim work for a year before returning to Puerto Rico for two years of voluntary service. He attended Faith Builders for the following two years. After completing the Ministry Apprenticing Program, he returned to his home community to teach high school and serve as administrator of Waynesboro Mennonite School for thirteen years. He also earned a B.A. in English through studies at Augusta State University. Kendall enjoys reading and writing on topics related to theology, church history, and literature.

Janelle (Kauffman) grew up in in a southern Iowa, where she enjoyed the rural landscape, the local farming culture, and frequent workdays and social events with her extended family. After completing high school, she taught school for a number of years. Beginning in 2004, she volunteered in the kitchen at Faith Builders for a year and then completed a two-year track of study at Faith Builders. She enjoys making her home a warm and welcoming place for her family, neighbors, and anyone else who needs a place to put their feet, and she makes sure that they do not leave hungry. She is energized by thoughtful conversations.
Kendall and Janelle married in the summer of 2008. They have six children: Alecia, Gideon, Karina, Justus, Raquel, and Gianna. They enjoy reading books together and doing outdoor activities. Their prayer is that God would form Christ’s image in them and that He would use their lives to strengthen the Anabaptist church.