Volunteers at Faith Builders


Volunteer for Faith Builders

Volunteer at Faith Builders

Our volunteers bring fresh insight and energy to our community. Volunteers participate in mentoring and can take one class per semester. Many of our volunteers have chosen to return to Faith Builders as one or two years as students with reduced tuition. 

We are grateful for the sustaining power from the support of our volunteers. We invite your applications. If the position you are interested in is full, we may be able to find another position or notify you when there is an opening.

Available Positions

Kitchen: work closely with your supervisor and two other kitchen volunteers, preparing and serving meals for students and staff. Faith Builders delights in gathering regularly to share meals together.

Maintenance: the all-around-handy man has a lot of independence as he keeps up with the routine maintenance and specific requests from staff and students.

Housekeeping: work with one other housekeeping volunteer with the support of your supervisor to clean the building, landscape the property, and create beauty at Faith Builders.

Bookstore: work with the bookstore manager to run CLR, the campus bookstore. CLR serves staff and students, the surrounding community, and online customers with books, curriculum, and music.