2017-2019 Catalog Available!

Our catalog provides an overview of educational opportunities at Faith Builders. Download a copy.

Why Teach in the Age of Google?

We have just published our Spring newsletter! The lead article of this newsletter, Why Teach in the Age of Google, grapples with the reality of education in the Information Age. Students have access to unprecedented volumes of information. But, is this access a replacement for education?

Winter Term Donut Social

Last Friday, all Winter Term students, volunteers, and staff were invited to a social in the gym. The cooks had been preparing for the social through the afternoon. Their efforts produced many dozens of glazed donuts, giving the social its popular name – the donut social. Adding to the fun, the student council planned group activities for all, followed by a snack and then volleyball.

Annual Report Published

The Faith Builders annual report gives a broad overview of the activities of Faith Builders. This year, the current students of Faith Builders are given focus in a three-page feature. Also included are event summaries, financial reports, and previews of coming events.


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