Discipling Jesus-followers

Is our disciple-making making Jesus-followers? In this newsletter, John Coblentz explores two fundamental principles of faithful discipleship.

Kingdom Enterprise & Nicholas Stoltzfus

Written by a Faith Builders guest instructor with interest in Kingdom building among refugees.

“There’s a time for preaching, and a time for business,” the Amish landlord scolded. He came to my neighborhood asking for help to dislodge an Iraqi tenant who had a tough time paying rent. When I pressed him to care for the tenants of his apartment and not just his own bottom line, he responded defensively. “She signed a paper saying she will be out by the 15th.” It seemed he had caught her in a trap and was now going to do “business” and send her on her way.

Foundations for College

How Are Our Schools Performing?

The Christian school movement resulted in independently operated schools in many conservative Anabaptist communities. How are they performing? In our most recent newsletter, Matthew Mast summarized findings of a survey we conducted to get some bearing on the pressure points and places of gratitude in our schools. 


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