Board Week

We are so grateful for all who could attend board week and give input into the life here at Faith Builders!

Board Members

Back Row:  Wayne Martin, John Nisley, James Yoder Paul A Miller, Richard Bean

Front Row:  Gary Miller, Keith Zimmerman, Linford Weaver 

Teachers Conference Open!

Teachers Conference is October 9-11. The conference theme, The Gift of Language, deals with the role of language as it starts - and extends far beyond - English class. 

Register Online

Summer Highlights

Summer Term 2015

Instructors: Patrick Heatwole, Steven Brubaker, Jonas Sauder, John Mark Kuhns, Earl Koch, Gerald Miller, Sharon Yoder, Cynthia Brubaker, Anna Zehr, Lynell Nolt, Lyle Stutzman

Instructors, Staff, Volunteers, and Students

College Student Seminar and Retreat

"College Student Seminar and Retreat is a great time for college students to connect with others who are at a similar place in life. It is inspiring to see so many young people who are excited about learning but who remain committed to knowing God and advancing His Kingdom."  - John Mark Kuhns


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