College Student Seminar and Retreat

"College Student Seminar and Retreat is a great time for college students to connect with others who are at a similar place in life. It is inspiring to see so many young people who are excited about learning but who remain committed to knowing God and advancing His Kingdom."  - John Mark Kuhns

Ten Questions for Focused Formation

This article is an adapation of a Tuesday morning chapel talk offered by Steven Brubaker in 2014.

Do not, by doing nothing, allow the spirit of the age to shape you to its will; instead, become a person that is bent to the will of God by actively pursuing a God-anchored way of thinking, valuing, and living. (paraphrase of Romans 12:2)

Reflecting on REACH

We asked individuals to reflect on their experience at REACH.  Here is what they shared:

One of the most significant elements for me was something of a side note. I loved watching the leaders and workers from various ministries greeting one another, reflecting their longstanding friendships based in mutual desire to serve God.
John Coblentz

Thinking Deeply - Communicating Well

Anna Zehr, an elementary teacher at Faith Builders Christian School, contributes the lead article for our most recent newsletter. She discusses the foundational importance of communications skills to deep thinking and engagement of the world.

Read the entire article.


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