Winter Term

We've come to expect snow on the day students arrive for Winter Term.  This year was no different.  Most students were able to navigate slippery, snow-covered roads and arrive in time for supper on January 5th.

Steven Brubaker led term orientation helping students feel comfortable with the term schedule and expectations.  The cooks prepared a lovely snack for all to enjoy!

A Vision for Conservative Anabaptism was a new, one-week class this year.  The instructors topics were: Allen Roth - Evangelism, John Coblentz - Church, Melvin Lehman - Home, Steven Brubaker - Education, Gary Miller - Business.  This class stimulated many discussion.

Students spend quite a bit of time studying and doing homework outside of class.

Music breaks through the weariness of studying and doing homework.

Kitchen volunteers fry donuts for the staff & student social, an annual tradition!

Here are the five-week staff and students of Winter Term 2015!