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FBTI Scholarship Application Download to apply for FBTI scholarships. 10/27/2023
Summer Term 2023 Download this PDF to apply for Summer Term 2023, or go to to apply online. 02/22/2023
Winter Term 2023 Download this PDF to apply for Winter Term 2023, or go to to apply online. 08/16/2022
TAP Track Completion Sheet various This worksheet provides a summary of the requirements a student needs to fulfill to graduate from TAP. 07/14/2022
General Studies Track Completion Sheet various This worksheet provides a summary of the requirements a student needs to fulfill to graduate from General Studies. 07/14/2022
Christian Ministries Track Completion Sheet various This worksheet provides a summary of the requirements a student needs to fulfill to graduate from Christian Ministries. 07/14/2022
Summer Term 2022 Download this PDF to apply for Summer Term 2022. 03/16/2022
Tuition & Fee Schedule 2022-23 Updated schedule of tuition and fees for 2022-2023. 02/14/2022
FBTI Admissions Packet Admissions packet including semester student application, reference forms, health forms, and transcript request form 11/15/2018
FBTI Scholarship Details Application for FBTI scholarship for 2019-2020 09/07/2018


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A Christian Response to Gender Dysphoria John Coblentz This essay is an adaptation of John's presentation at the Administrators Conference in 2017. It is a call to God's people to respectfully but clearly be faithful to God's design for human sexuality. 06/24/2021
A Servant Education various What would it mean if every component of our schools prepared young people for a life of wholehearted love and service to God? This essay is a combined effort of numerous Anabaptist educators. In it, our contributors wrestle with the intensity of the call of Christ before offering several priorities and methods consistent with that call. 07/04/2019
Cultivating Conversations Anna Zehr Anna Zehr, an elementary teacher at Faith Builders Christian School, discusses in this article the foundational importance of communications skills to deep thinking and engagement of the world 08/15/2016
Why Teach in the Age of Google? John Mark Kuhns "Why Teach in the Age of Google" grapples with the reality of education in the Information Age. Students have access to unprecedented volumes of information. But, is this access a replacement for education? 08/15/2016
Getting the Most From Your Child's Education Gerald Miller In this article, Gerald Miller describes practical ways parents can contribute to their child's education. 08/15/2016
5 Visions for Conservative Anabaptism various What possibilities await conservative Anabaptism? What challenges should be anticipated? This booklet explores five dimensions of the conservative Anabaptism community, calling attention to challenges and opportunities within each dimension. 06/03/2016
An Anabaptist Conversation on Economics various In January, 2016, Faith Builders Training Institute offered a two-week course on Christian Economics. The intentions were to articulate a theological base for how to use money and transact business, to apply biblical principles and values to the modern economic scene, and to develop a working statement that would anchor future classes on economics offered at FB. This document is a result of that effort. 06/03/2016
A Mennonite Thinks About Knowing Steven Brubaker Truth-seeking and truth-finding are uniquely human endeavors in the created world. God ordained this capacity when He created man. Man fulfills the divine intention as he seeks, finds, and orients his life around truth. And, as his life is characterized by the fulfillment of divine intention, he brings glory to God and meaning to life. This book will act as a companion for all who seek and live out of truth. 08/20/2015
The Distinctive Emphasis of Mennonite Education Steven Brubaker What do Mennonite schools emphasize? Steven Brubaker highlights three positive emphasis that anchor Mennonite education. 03/31/2015
The Anabaptist Advantage Among Muslims TDW The moral and non-violent beliefs of conservative Anabaptists give a distinct advantage when ministering to Muslims. 03/30/2015
The Significance of the Incarnation John Coblentz In this article, John Coblentz presents a brief historical review of the doctrine of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. He then reflects on the significance of the belief that in Jesus, God was "manifest in the flesh". 03/30/2015
The Will of God is a Way of Life Kyle Stoltzfus We've all heard that God has a special plan for our lives. But how do we find it? This article is about finding fulfillment and calling in the purposes of God. 03/30/2015
Who Says So? Melvin Lehman Who says so? Questions of authority are rampant in today's culture. Melvin Lehman explores some of the issues involved in authority in this article. 03/30/2015
Separation and Nonconformity Wendell Heatwole Separation and nonconformity draw their strength from their Biblical basis and consistency to the life of Christ. 03/26/2015
Joining the Apostolic Train Brandon Mullet We are worshiping beings. We are always worshiping something. Isaiah six provides a framework to understand Biblical worship. Brandon Mullet examines the framework of Isaiah and applies it to our experience of worship today. 03/26/2015
2013 Colloquy: Separation and Non-conformity Val Yoder, Wendell Heatwole, Nathan Yoder The 2013 colloquy hosted by Faith Builders was a time of presentation and discussion about the topic Separation and Non-conformity. Val Yoder, Nathan Yoder, and Wendell Heatwole prepared papers and gave presentations on the topic. Here are their papers. 02/21/2013
Equipping Kingdom Citizens Patrick Heatwole Veteran teacher Patrick Heatwole outlines the importance of history in forming our students to understand and participate in the Kingdom of God. 02/05/2009
Faithfulness to Christ regarding Technology Compilation This article compiles a series of statements discussed at the Faith Builders colloquy on technology in January 2008. 08/04/2008
The New Conservatives Melvin B. Lehman Melvin Lehman describes an emerging position as the "New Conservative." 09/13/2007
Training for Ministry John A. Coblentz John Coblentz, Sr., the coordinator of Ministry Apprenticing, helps us explore the need for the Ministry Apprenticeship Program and describes the inner workings of MAP. 06/28/2007
Mennonite Education: The Distinctive Emphases Steven R. Brubaker Steven Brubaker describes what he observes as unique patterns of Mennonite education. 12/05/2006
Western Civilization and the Kingdom of God Melvin B. Lehman Melvin develops a theme of western civilization and the kingdom of God, projecting a strategy that must be bold, courageous, realistic, and good news. 12/05/2006
Climbing Mt. Everest - The Future of Mennonite Education Steven R. Brubaker Steven Brubaker describes his vision for the path to a better future for Mennonite education. 10/21/2006
The Kingdom of God Melvin B. Lehman This essay was prepared for presentation at the Faith Builders Colloquy on the Kingdom of God in January 2006. 01/28/2006


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Catalog 2023-2025 FBTI course catalog for 2023-2025 12/19/2022
Catalog 2021-2023 FBTI course catalog for 2021-2023 02/10/2021
Catalog 2019-2021 FBTI course catalog for 2019-2021 04/08/2019
Catalog 2017-2019 FBTI course catalog for 2017-2019 05/13/2016
Catalog 2015-2017 FBTI course catalog for 2015-2017 08/08/2014
Catalog 2013-2015 FBTI course catalog for 2013-2015 03/03/2013
Catalog 2011-2013 FBTI course catalog for 2011-2013 09/15/2011
Catalog 2010-2012 FBTI course catalog for 2010-2012 03/22/2010
Catalog 2008-2010 FBTI course catalog for 2008-2010 07/09/2008
Catalog 2004-2006 FBTI course catalog for 2004-2006 06/16/2006


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Teachers Week schedule 06/27/2023
Volunteer brochure Informational brochure of the FB volunteer program. 01/03/2023
REACH schedule and session descriptions 03/07/2022
Teachers Week 2021 05/07/2021
SI brochure 08/19/2019
Teachers Week 2019 brochure 04/17/2019
Teachers Make a Difference Experienced, well rounded teachers are poised to make a difference in their community. 04/12/2013
Developing a Christian Mind Love of God is the foundation of Christian thinking. The love of God gives a perspective on the world that informs all other pursuits. 04/12/2013
Preparation Enables Service Servants offer their vision and resources. They use godly vision and spiritual discernment to respond to needs around them. 04/12/2013
Faith Builders Training Institute Informational brochure about Faith Builders Training Institute 08/18/2010
Resource Group Brochure Informational brochure about Faith Builders Resource Group 02/05/2009


Title Author(s) Description Published
Fall 2023 Newsletter Josh Coblentz The first of a series that focuses on historical, formative Anabaptist writings, Josh Coblentz unpacks Marpeck's "Five Fruits of Repentance." 09/11/2023
Summer 2023 Newsletter Matthew Mast How should Jesus' followers seek to make a difference in the world? Matthew offers five skills that help provide faithful presence, which brings enduring change. He explains how FB aims to nurture these skills in our staff and students. 06/21/2023
Spring 2023 Newsletter Kendall Myers, co-writers Kendall and his co-writers share a vision for the important work that school boards give to their communities. 04/28/2023
Annual Report, 2022 This extended newsletter features each member of our board, pastoral council, and advisory council and reports on events in 2022. It also includes pictures and job titles for all staff and volunteers. 12/05/2022
Fall 2022 Newsletter Lynell Nissley Who are exceptional learners in our communities, and how can we help them? Lynell is a consultant for Anabaptist educators and offers ways to understand and care for our own exceptional learners. 09/06/2022