Dirk Philips: What Makes a Church?

About a year and a half ago, I had a conversation with a friend who had left a plain Anabaptist community to join the Roman Catholic Church. Unlike Anabaptist-Catholic discourse…

Five Fruits of Repentance

The five fruits represent what is needful in repentance when we sin and the shape of the life that follows from it— penitent, humble living in true surrender and joyful dependence on Jesus Christ

Cultivating Faithful Presence

How should Jesus' followers seek to make a difference in the world? Matthew offers five skills that help provide faithful presence, which brings enduring change. He explains how FB aims to nurture these skills in our staff and students.

you are needed

We've all heard the ways we can get involved in missions: pray, give, or go. However, Dennis calls us to a broader, more robust and personal approach to service in God's Kingdom. You are needed!

that i may know him

What does it mean to know God? Kyle Stoltzfus calls us to desire knowing God in community and experience.

how the gospel seed grows

Anabaptist Christians, as part of the Christian faith, have some things in common with other Christians. In this article, Steven Brubaker explores five distinctive contributions of Anabaptism to the faith. In addition to being the administrator of Faith Builders, Steven teaches several classes at the Institute, including Reading the Bible, Anabaptism as a Worldview, and Principles of Science.