Resource Building

Growth Projects

Funding Status

Total Needed: $3,670,000


Training Institute expansion

Current Status

On March 16, 2023, a demolition crew took out three apartments to open the space for a choir room, instructor's office, music storage room, and four music practice rooms.

It took careful measuring for the laths to level the choir room floor.

In July, south-facing windows were placed in the choir room.

This hallway will connect the center section to the elevator tower and student commons.

The cleaning crew finished the last touches in October.

Pianos were moved into four practice rooms and the music teacher's office.

The choir thoroughly enjoys their new space!

In January 2024, renovation began on the little gym. Windows were cut into the south wall and the east windows were enlarged. This space will become the new student commons.

Excavation began in the former bookstore to build a stairway to the basement/garage.

Framing is in place for instructors' offices that line the student commons.

Progress of Resource Group Building

April 26- Staff Groundbreaking

On April 26, 2022 staff, volunteers, and students participated in the groundbreaking ceremony.

April 26- RG Groundbreaking

May- Stormwater System

In May, the stormwater system was installed.

June 10- Footer

On June 10, we received the green light to begin construction. On June 24, we began pouring the footer.

June- Block Laying

The last week of June, the masons laid block on top of the footer.

July 8- Water Pipes

On July 8, a horizontal boring machine bored a small tunnel to connect water pipes and internet cables from the new building to the main building.

July 14- Concrete

Early on July 14, the concrete crew poured the floor.

July 14- Concrete Pour

July 28- Framing

Framing commenced in the week of July 18.

July 28- Second Story Framing

The second story was framed on July 28.

August 1- Trusses

Trusses were set on August 1.

August 12- Exterior

The week of August 12, the exterior was wrapped, and shingles were put on the roof.

August 19- Porch Roof

By August 19, the porch roofs and beams were installed.

September 16- Exterior Windows and Doors

Exterior windows and doors are installed, and the porch is ready for brickwork on September 16.

October 1- Insulation and Drywall

On October 1, the building is ready for insulation and drywall on the interior and for brick on the exterior.

October - Brickwork

By the end of October, brickwork is going on outside, and drywall inside.

December 2- Siding

Siding is going up on December 2.

December 15- Cabinetry

On December 15, cabinetry was installed.

January 20- Carpeting

On January 20, carpeting is installed.

Faith Builders Bookstore

On April 15, 2023, we hosted an open house for the new bookstore, warehouse, and offices.

Bookstore Open House

We are deeply grateful for the successful completion of the new Resource Group building! This expands the range of resources it provides for schools and churches.