Favorite verses:
2 Timothy 1:7-10
Romans 1

Sheldon Kauffman was born in Sarasota, Florida, but grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He attended Weavertown Mennonite Elementary, Faith Mennonite High, and Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. He has worked on the family farm (Kauffman’s Fruit Farm), and also served at Bald Eagle Boys Camp.

Joann (Bontrager) Kauffman was born and raised in Millersburg in Holmes County, Ohio. She attended West Holmes Public School and later worked as a secretary for Holmes Lumber Company and Bald Eagle Boys Camp. She also served as a cook at Fair Play Wilderness School.

Sheldon and Joann have four children—Annie, Sara, Christian, and Katy. Their family enjoys camping and picnicking in the great outdoors. They want to be involved in ministering to people’s spiritual needs while fostering a family life that is a witness of the love of Christ, both in the world and in the church.