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Educating our children is important for the long-term good and health of any community. In the past year, we’ve all become aware of the importance of school and particularly in-person instruction. Due to the pandemic, we’ve moved the auction from the traditional May date to September 3. Local businesses and individuals are coming together to support Faith Builders Christian School by envisioning a family-friendly event in which to show their support of the community's young people. Many people are donating quality items and gift certificates.

Plenty of delicious food will be available, including chicken and fish dinners. We invite everyone to join this fun time of interaction with the rest of the community!  There is something for everyone at this auction.  We can work together to build our community!

For more information, call Julene at (814) 789-2303 Ext 121 or email us at


It is always encouraging when parents desire a sound, Christian, educational experience for their children. At Faith Builders Christian School, we endeavor to provide that opportunity to every family we serve.

FBCS is a non-accredited, private school. We appreciate the freedom and flexibility that a non-accredited status allows; furthermore, our graduates have successfully applied to attend colleges and universities. We operate under the larger organization of Faith Builders Educational Programs, a teacher training/apprenticing program. We work closely with teacher apprenticeship, and we function, in many ways, as a lab school. We feel this is an added benefit for us, since we are always seeking to improve our program and methods.  Our primary goal is to serve parents in their God-given task of teaching and training their children.

Thank you for your interest in our school.

Gerald Miller, Principal


History and Goals

In 1992, the old Randolph-Mead High School in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania was purchased by FBEP and renovation was immediately started. The decision was made to open a parochial school in the fall of 1993 to provide a biblically sound Christian education for community children, along with student-teaching opportunities. Melvin Lehman was the first parochial school administrator, and the school year opened with thirty-eight students from grades one through twelve. Today, FBCS is an integral part of Faith Builders’ Teacher Training program, and it is our continued prayer that God will be able to use FBCS as a faithful instrument for His service.

Piper Burdge

We work to partner with local families and churches to provide a nurturing environment, equipping our children for Christ-centered service in the home, church, and community.

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Phone: 814-789-2303 ext. 121

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