FBEP Projects & Needs

Capital Projects

Elevator $30,000 ($25,000 needed)

The Faith Builders facility was built on multiple levels with many connecting stairs. This makes it very difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. The envisioned elevator between the West wing and center section will greatly increase accessibility.

Dorm Renovation $45,000

The men’s dorm is in need of renovation. In addition to providing better year around accommodations in the men’s dorm, it will improve access to the ladies dorm, improve aesthetics of the dorm entrance, and move the houseparents’ quarters to a more suitable location.

Miscellaneous Small Projects $21,000

• Construct two new staff offices
• Stairwell painting and flooring
• Upgrade emergency exit lighting
• Fire alarm upgrades
• Electrical system upgrades (surge protection and grounding)
• Old brick chimney demolition
NOTE: Skilled, short-term volunteers are needed for some of these projects.

A.C. in Cafeteria $19,000 ($10,000 Needed)

This area is currently poorly ventilated and becomes quite uncomfortable in the summer, especially during busy times such as Summer Term and Teachers Week. Central A/C will improve working conditions in the kitchen and will make the cafeteria more efficient during large events.

Center Section Exterior $18,000

The center section west exterior wall is showing a lot of age in the brick and mortar joints. The stucco surfaces are cracking in places and the awning windows are leaking around the frames. We are getting some water on the interior during heavy rains and the window frames are rotting in places. We need to do exterior wall repairs and replace windows in this part of the building. Skilled, short-term volunteer help is also needed for this project.


Sponsorships Needed

Attendees do pay fees for each of these events. However, due to the nature and goals of the events, we limit participation. Because these are smaller events, charging attendees what the events actually cost would price the event out of range for the target audience. We are looking for people who have a vision to provide these opportunities to our people.

Heart & Voice $5,000

Administrators Conference & Retreat $7,000

College Student Seminar & Retreat $6,500


Other Needs

o Houseparents – August 2015 (or January 2015)
o A retired couple to volunteer for maintenance and housekeeping—flexible term from five weeks to one year (immediate)
o Volunteer renovation coordinator (experienced builder)
o FBCS Secretary for 2015-2016
Temporary help
o An experienced construction crew to demolish an old brick chimney on the east wing.
o A person or two with construction or remodeling experience to volunteer for a week or month for trim work, flooring, painting and misc remodeling projects
o A masonry crew to make masonry repairs and pointing on old brick in the center section
o Operations Donations: $376,400 for the July 2014-June 2015 fiscal year
o Debt repayment: $165,000
o Beef for the kitchen
o Pianos. The piano tuner has given his official assessment. FB’s three pianos need to be retired. Replacing all three with used pianos will cost at least $12,000. We are hoping to replace at least one this year and the others over the next two years.