Two-year tracks of study

Faith Builders Training Institute offers three tracks of study: Teacher Apprenticing Program (TAP), Christian Ministries, and General Studies. These tracks integrate the head, heart, and hands components of education, which are central to the mission and philosophy of Faith Builders.

Teacher Apprenticing

For those developing as teachers, Faith Builders offers a two-year Teacher Apprenticing Program (TAP). This track is designed to accommodate the introductory level needs of students planning to teach in Mennonite, mission, or other church schools. Students in the Teacher Apprenticing track can select from three concentrations: 1) Elementary, 2) Secondary, or 3) Administration. A concentration in TAP indicates the area of apprenticing and the focus of the senior project rather than a concentration in course work. The courses required for this track are shown in the following table.

Course Schedule for Teacher Apprenticing Program

Year 1Year 2
Apprenticing Focus
Fall Semester
Winter Term
Spring Semester
Summer Term