Teachers Week ONTARIO

Aug 09, 2022 to Aug 12, 2022
Teachers Week Ontario is hosted by Faith Builders Canada.

Held in southern Ontario in August, Teachers Week Ontario provides an opportunity for new and experienced teachers to participate in workshops and breakouts designed to increase their effectiveness in the classroom.

Teachers Week Ontario is planned and sponsored by Faith Builders Educational Programs Canada, a sister organization of Faith Builders Educational Programs (USA). Many speakers participate in both Teachers Week Ontario and Teachers Week  PA. The event includes content for new and experienced teachers. Content-focused workshops and breakouts discuss history, science, math, literature, spelling, Bible, and more.

Please note: Registration for Teachers Week Ontario closes July 30.

Sessions in 2022


Asking the Right Questions   Wayne Brubacher

  • The Value of a Question
  • Questions to Draw Out
  • Questions to Make a Point
  • Questions That Require a Decision


Learning to Teach Like Jesus   Ryan Horst

  • A New Lens for the Gospels
  •  Learning to Lead
  •  Learning to Follow
  • Seeing the Big Picture


In School We Trust   Kyle Lehman

  • Mottos That Define
  • Old School-New Clothes
  • Mycorrhizae of Our Faith
  • You are Education


  • Creating Confident Writers – Meghan Brubaker
  • The Power of Stories – Matt Frey
  • Managing a Multi-grade Classroom – Julie Bauman
  • Inter-staff Relationships – Glen Jantzi
  • Mastering Story Problems and Mental Math – Laura Wagler
  • PowerPoint Level 1 & 2 – Phil Roth
  • Objectives for Today – A Lesson Plan – Rolin Martin
  • and many more


Lead Like Jesus  Kevin Bauman

Why do you want to be a leader? I trust the main reason is to bless others. Jesus is our greatest example of extraordinary leadership. We will turn to biblical principles to first of all make leadership personal, then intentional, and lastly influential. If we take these three areas seriously, we will find our leadership skills will continue to improve and we will eventually be able to reap the blessings of II Timothy 2:2.

New Teacher Orientation   Esther Bean

Ready to teach? Effective teaching requires preparation, and this workshop is intended to help prepare you for your first year in the classroom. It will include such topics as motivation, a typical lesson, teaching methods, and the learning process. New teachers should also take a pertinent classroom management breakout session in conjunction with this workshop.

The Joy of Art Class   Cherie Horst

Wondering how to teach creativity, perseverance, and excitement? This workshop will explore the value and joy of art class, equipping teachers to move beyond mediocre art projects, to guiding students in creating things of value with their hands. We will discuss methods of teaching art, types of art, and we will complete several art projects. The projects in this class will be straightforward and use readily available art supplies yet cover a variety of skills and mediums. This workshop is geared toward grades 4-8.

Doing History Better   Stephen Russell

We often hear that history is boring and that it is just a series of dates.  In reality, history ought to be exciting since it is the story of people, sometimes focused on a particular region (Europe, for example), sometimes on a particular subject (science, for example), sometimes on a religion, and sometimes it takes in the whole world.  In every case it is the story of particular people and of God at work in the world.  How can we prepare, present, and augment our history classes in order to keep the attention of our students and to show them the usefulness of knowing history?

Music Education Tips   Jerilynn Wadel

"How do I teach music effectively?" "What if I'm not a confident singer myself?" "What about students who can't match pitches?" Looking for ideas and inspiration for enhancing your music classes? In this workshop we plan to explore techniques that will not only help students learn musical concepts, but also make them delighted and excited for each music class! Participants of this workshop will experience what it's like to be a student in a Kodaly classroom, and will possibly also have the opportunity to practice teaching their own 3-minute music class using techniques learned. Will cover all grade levels, probably focusing the most on Kindergarten to grade 5.

Lower Grade Reading & Phonics   Renita Martin

   Lower grade teachers are expected to teach reading and phonics well. What is effective? This will be a very practical workshop. Come for new ideas and to be inspired to keep doing what you are doing.

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Registration for Teachers Week Ontario closes July 30.