Teachers Week ONTARIO

Aug 10, 2021 to Aug 13, 2021

Held in southern Ontario in August, Teachers Week Ontario provides an opportunity for new and experienced teachers to participate in workshops and breakouts designed to increase their effectiveness in the classroom.

Teachers Week Ontario is planned and sponsored by Faith Builders Educational Programs Canada, a sister organization of Faith Builders Educational Programs (USA). Many speakers participate in both Teachers Week Ontario and Teachers Week  PA. The event includes content for new and experienced teachers. Content-focused workshops and breakouts discuss history, science, math, literature, spelling, Bible, and more.

Registration for 2021 closes Tuesday, August 3.

Registration requires a deposit of $50 (Canadian dollars), payable with two options:

    E-transfer to faithbuilderscanada@gmail.com
    Mail a cheque payable to Faith Builders Canada to:
    Alissa Martin, 7025 Wellington Rd 10, Moorefield, ON N0G 2K0

For lodging information, contact Paul & Cheryl Horst:

    Phone: 519-669-4483
    Email: paulcherylhorst@gmail.com

Teachers Week check-in is at 8:00 – 8:45 AM on Tuesday, August 10. The event ends after lunch on Friday, August 13.


Four Metaphors for Teachers   Stephan Gingerich

  • Teachers are Kings
  • Teachers are Investors
  • Teachers are Learners
  • Teachers are Mentors


Teaching in a Loud World   Joey Shantz

  • Healthy Habits
  • Personal Organization
  • Intentional Study
  • Silence


Addressing Students' Frustrating Responses   John Mark Kuhns

  • "When will I ever use this?"
  • "I can't do this."
  • "I don't care."
  • "I'll just google it."

27 BREAKOUTS, including:

  • Effects of Technology on the Brain – Anthony Hurst
  • Teaching the Joy of Reading – Myron Brubacher
  • Effective Classroom Discussions – Sharon Martin
  • Devotions: One Thing is Necessary – Ryan Horst
  • The Effect of Personality on School Life – Gordon Bauman
  • The Value of Writing – Meghan Brubaker
  • Inspiring Your Students to Sing – Sherwin Martin
  • Teaching Secondary Math – John Mark Kuhns


New Teacher Orientation   Esther Bean

Ready to teach? Effective teaching requires preparation, and this workshop is intended to help prepare you for your first year in the classroom. It will include such topics as motivation, a typical lesson, and the learning process. We recommend that new teachers also take the pertinent breakout sessions in conjunction with this workshop: Classroom Management (K-2) and Discipline: Preventive and Corrective.

Experiments Galore   Keith Brubacher

Whiz, whir, fizzle, pop, zoom! Looking for ideas to bring science class to life? Be prepared to take part in experiments using primarily household and budget-friendly supplies and materials. We will briefly look at lesson plans, scientific inquiry, and methodology, but we’ll spend most of our time with hands-on action. Several branches of science will be covered, with the physical sciences being the main focus. This workshop is targeting Grades 5-8, but anyone is welcome. Maximum of 20 participants.

What You Can't See Won't Hurt You?   Gabriel Jantzi

The mighty microbes! Could bacteria take over the world? (Yes, in less than 24 hours.) Why don't they? (Well, that depends. Maybe they already have.) We will look at topics in microbiology (tiny living creatures) and molecular biology (the chemicals that tell them how to run). Quite literally, too--we will use petri dishes to raise some bacteria and microscopes to look at them.

Assessment for Student Success   Sharon Martin

In this workshop we will look at some principles of assessment, focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on marking and grading summative assessments and creating and using rubrics effectively. We will examine the concepts of validity and reliability as they relate to assessment and try to determine what it means to grade fairly and with integrity. We will also examine some of the concepts and possibly misconceptions that our students, parents, and perhaps even we teachers have about grades.

Recess Activities   Michelle Jantzi

Is recess an important part of the school day? Come prepared to discuss the theories behind making recess an important part of your class's education. In this workshop you will learn and play!