Teachers Conference

Oct 11, 2019 to Oct 13, 2019
In October, Faith Builders hosts a weekend conference for K-12 educators. The Teachers Conference focuses on providing content and enrichment for long-term teachers serving conservative Anabaptist schools.

2019 Conference Theme: Nurturing the Practice of Childlikeness

This year’s theme, one in a series on “Cornerstones of Anabaptist Schools,” explores the practices of childlikeness.

Jesus invited his followers to come to him as little children. Little children, at their finest, are humble, trusting, and content.  They delight in exploring the world God has made and imagining its infinite possibilities. They live freely in the moment and often display remarkable resilience in the face of challenges.

In three general sessions, Wendell Glick (Meadville, PA) will explore what it means to be childlike and will offer ideas for nurturing the best aspects of childlikeness in our classrooms.

Registration for Teachers Conference 2019 is now closed.