Summer Term

Jun 25, 2018 to Jul 27, 2018
During the month of July, Faith Builders operates a five-week term. We offer courses during this term designed to prepare and equip teachers in K-12 settings.

Good teachers are always learning and growing, increasing their knowledge and skills while developing as persons. Many teachers have found that the challenge and discipline of doing summer courses have increased their effectiveness as teachers. Summer Term provides an opportunity for teachers to invest in their capabilities as a teacher. Many schools and churches are encouraging that investment by offering financial support to teachers attending Summer Term at Faith Builders.

2017 Course Listing

Period Class Hours Instructor
 A Principles of Teaching I 3 Patrick Heatwole
Course Development Practicum 3 Gerald Miller
Teaching Secondary Music (M-Th) 2 Lyle Stutzman
The Life of the Teacher 1 Jonas Sauder
B Foundations of Education 3 Steven Brubaker
Teaching Reading 3 Anna Zehr
Homemaking: An Art for All Women (T, Th) 1 Cynthia Brubaker
Children's Literature 3 Sharon Yoder
C Child Development 3 Jonas Sauder
Teaching History/Social Studies 3 Patrick Heatwole
The Exceptional Learner 3 Lynell Nissley
Drawing (T, Th) 1 Hannah Scott
D Teaching Secondary English & Literature (M-Th) 2 Jonas Sauder
Music Fundamentals 3 Lyle Stutzman
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 3 Lynell Nissley
Art For Teachers 3 Hannah Scott
E Choir 1 Lyle Stutzman