The Anabaptist Advantage Among Muslims

The moral and non-violent beliefs of conservative Anabaptists give a distinct advantage when ministering to Muslims.

Joining the Apostolic Train

We are worshiping beings. We are always worshiping something. Isaiah six provides a framework to understand Biblical worship. Brandon Mullet examines the framework of Isaiah and applies it to our experience of worship today.

Separation and Nonconformity

Separation and nonconformity draw their strength from their Biblical basis and consistency to the life of Christ.

2013 Colloquy: Separation and Non-conformity

The 2013 colloquy hosted by Faith Builders was a time of presentation and discussion about the topic Separation and Non-conformity. Val Yoder, Nathan Yoder, and Wendell Heatwole prepared papers and gave presentations on the topic. Here are their papers.


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