Why Teach in the Age of Google?

"Why Teach in the Age of Google" grapples with the reality of education in the Information Age. Students have access to unprecedented volumes of information. But, is this access a replacement for education?

An Anabaptist Conversation on Economics

In January, 2016, Faith Builders Training Institute offered a two-week course on Christian Economics. The intentions were to articulate a theological base for how to use money and transact business, to apply biblical principles and values to the modern economic scene, and to develop a working statement that would anchor future classes on economics offered at FB. This document is a result of that effort.

5 Visions for Conservative Anabaptism

What possibilities await conservative Anabaptism? What challenges should be anticipated? This booklet explores five dimensions of the conservative Anabaptism community, calling attention to challenges and opportunities within each dimension.

A Mennonite Thinks About Knowing

Truth-seeking and truth-finding are uniquely human endeavors in the created world. God ordained this capacity when He created man. Man fulfills the divine intention as he seeks, finds, and orients his life around truth. And, as his life is characterized by the fulfillment of divine intention, he brings glory to God and meaning to life. This book will act as a companion for all who seek and live out of truth.


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