REACH 2022

Mar 24, 2022 to Mar 25, 2022
REACH helps nonprofit ministries to connect with each other and churches and individuals who want to know more about those ministries.


REACH brings together Christian workers from all walks of life. Farmers, businessmen, and young men and women share the vision and link arms with missionaries in Belize, food distributors in the Ukraine, school teachers in city missions, teachers and students in Bible institutions, chiefs in boys’ camps, and producers and distributors of Christian literature. We are praying that this gathering of people - and the resulting outflow of ministry - will bring glory to God and see the furtherance of His purposes for our time.

Location: Calvary Church, 1051 Landis Valley Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601
Capacity: 2,200

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All-Nations Bible Translation
Allegany Boys Camp
Amish Mennonite Aid
Anabaptist Foundation
Anabaptist International Ministries
Anabaptist Perspectives
Anabaptist Savings and Loan
Aquila Villa Girls Ministry
Arising Light Asian Ministries
Bald Eagle Boys Camp
Carolina Chaplaincy Program
CCM Global
Choice Books of Northern Virginia
Christian Aid Ministries
Christian Light
Deeper Life
DestiNations International
Elnora Bible Institute
Faith Builders Educational Programs
Faith Mission Home
Fresh Start Training Center
Global Impact for Christ
Global Tribes Outreach
Heralds of Hope
Hillcrest Home
Institute for Global Opportunities
International Brotherhood Aid



Jungle Breezes Youth Ministries
Kingdom Channels
LIFE Lit. & Pastor Resources for Haiti
Life Ministries
Lighthouse Publishing
Living Water Christian Ministry
Loving ARMS
Macedonian Teaching Ministry
Master's International Ministries
Mexico Mennonite Aid
Ministry Training Center
Mission Interests Committee
Mountain View Nursing Home
Northern Youth Programs
Olive Branch Mennonite Missions
Open Hands
PEACE Ministries
SALT Microfinance
Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute
Shenandoah Christian Music Camp
Silver Springs Ministries (Camp Andrews, Meadows of Hope)
SLM Ministries
Sunny Crest
Tidings of Peace Christian School
United Christian Mission
Urban Mennonite Ministries





8:30 Arrival
9:30 Opening General Session: Henry Blank

10:45 Breakouts A
11:45 Lunch I
12:30 Lunch II

1:30 General Session 2: Therefore What Shall We Have? John Coblentz 
2:30 Breakouts B
4:30 Breakouts C

5:30 General Session 3: Bearing Precious Seed, DM  
7:00 Displays Close

Ministry displays will be open
11:45-1:30, 3:30-4:30, and 6:30-7:00.








8:00 Arrival
9:00 Opening Session: Stephan Gingerich

10:00 Breakouts A
11:00 Breakouts B

11:20 Lunch line opens
12:00 Ministry Focus 1
12:30 Ministry Focus 2
1:00 Ministry Focus 3
1:30 Ministry Focus 4
1:45 Lunch line closes

2:00 General Session:  Sexual Addiction Among Us and the Way Forward, Arthur Nisly
3:00 Breakouts C
4:00 Ministry Focus 5

5:00 Closing General Session: A Five Talent Time, Gary Miller

Displays will be open 11:00-2:00 & 8:30-9:30.





Thursday breakouts

  • Planting Anabaptist Churches: Exploring Foundational Issues (Part 1) by Allen Roth
  • Would Jesus drive a yellow taxi? | Lessons in Urban Ministry by Austin Shenk
  • The Mind of the Molested by Byron H Miller LMFT
  • Your Readers Matter: Serve Your Audience by Improving Your Writing by Caleb Crider
  • An Introduction to "Building With Christ" by Dallas Witmer
  • The Board’s Oversight of Fundraising and Finances by Gary Paul Miller
  • Youth Ministry by Harry Argo
  • Coming Alongside: Mentoring Young Women by Janelle Burkholder
  • Affliction and the Word by Jeanene Nisly
  • Serving in the Shadows while Making a Home away from Home by Marjean Nisley
  • Finding Ministry Workers by Richie Lauer
  • Connecting with Your Audience by Rick Rhodes
  • Your Talents, Your Responsibility by Stephan Gingerich
  • Best Organizational Practices: Human Resources by TBD
  • Building Enduring Ministries by Trent Eikenberry
  • Thursday session 2: Therefore What Shall We Have? by John Coblentz
  • What Muslims Really Believe (Folk Islam vs. Orthodoxy) by Arnold Eby
  • Women Loving the Church by Bethany Heatwole
  • Is God's Arm Too Short? Ministry in Brokenness by Brian Martin
  • Steady Joy in a Lifestyle of Following by Carolyn Roth
  • Crisis by Darrell Yoder
  • Bookkeeping by Dennis Yoder
  • Prayer: The Most Powerful Weapon in Kingdom Work by Harold R. Troyer
  • Why and How of Missions Bookkeeping by Larry Troyer
  • An Ethic of Healthy Sexuality for Singles and from Singles by Lois Hershberger
  • Board Leadership in Times of Crisis by Marcus Beiler
  • Help! We Need Money! Funding Ministry in the Conservative Anabaptist World by Mark Anthony Peachey
  • Effective Team Leadership by Merle Burkholder
  • Anabaptists and Social Media by Reagan Schrock
  • Condensing Your Message by Rick Rhodes
  • Helping Staff Thrive through Member Care and Support Groups by Bill Yoder
  • The Heart-scape of Refugee Sponsorship and Outreach by Corleen Bean
  • Separation from the world on the field vs. union with kindred spirits by Dallas Witmer
  • Communicating with Purpose by Daryl Weaver
  • Healthy Partnership of Board and Administrator by Gary Paul Miller
  • Using Your Home as a Mission by Joe Hess
  • Why Do They Need Training? The Value of Preparing Our Workers for Ministry by Joel Yoder
  • Foundations for Effective Graphic Design by Lyndon Gehman
  • Serving in the Shadow of Others by Serving Unseen by Marjean Nisley
  • Grief by Mary Lou Glick Yutzy
  • Best Organizational Practices: IT by Matt Landis
  • Nuts and Bolts of Event Planning by Matthew Mast
  • The Five Key meetings of an Organization by Merle Herr
  • Cosmopolitan, Internationalist, or Just Confused? by Stephan Gingerich
  • Enduring Discipleship in a Rapidly Changing World by Trent Eikenberry

Friday breakouts

  • Vision for Education (Transformative Teaching) by Anthony Hurst
  • Refugees by Arnold Eby
  • Maximizing your youth for a life filled with purpose by Brent Bear
  • Yes, Lord, or No by Brian Martin
  • Sacred or sinful. What to do with these battling emotions. by Byron H Miller LMFT
  • Behaviors that Build Trust by Daryl Weaver
  • Caring for the Abused by Donna Kauffman
  • What Do They Need to Learn? Essential Areas in Equipping our Workers by Joel Yoder
  • Phish or Fishermen? by John Perfect
  • Beyond Grammar and Vocab: Teaching English as a Ministry by Lois Friesen
  • Developing and Managing Board Agendas and Meetings by Merle Burkholder
  • Busy—Yes! Effective—??? Overcoming a Misleading Culture of Busyness by Paul A. Miller
  • Active Learning by Piper Burdge
  • Going to Dangerous Places for the Kingdom by Reagan Schrock
  • Re-Entry by Rodney and Dawn Nolt
  • Best Organizational Practices: Publicizing by Roy Herr
  • Planting Anabaptist Churches: Applying Principles in Facing Issues (2) by Allen Roth
  • The Power of Living Under Authority by Courtney Hochstetler
  • Crossing cultures with respect and effect. by Dallas Witmer
  • Communicating Effectively with Teens by Dan Rutt
  • The Mission of Motherhood by Diana Sauder
  • Don’t Hide Your Talents: How to Prepare for a Lifetime of Service by DM
  • Finding Healing and Wholeness in a Broken World: Offering Care to Trauma Victims by Elaine Yoder
  • Dependency vs. Sustainability in Missions by Gary Miller
  • Developing Great Board Members by Gary Paul Miller
  • Four Keys to Reaching the Heart of an Adolescent by Gerald Miller
  • Student Ministry by Harry Argo
  • Why Integrity Matters by John Coblentz
  • A Secretary Who Says Yes by Julene Bender
  • Essentials of Staff Care by Norm Miller
  • On Track? Aligning my Life and Work with God's Mission by Patrick Heatwole
  • Conflict Resolution and Legal Risk Management by Tyler Hochstetler
  • The Anabaptist Advantage and Obligation (MIT 2019) by Allen Roth
  • Building God's church through PR & Fundraising by Brent Bear
  • Beyond Black and White: Guidelines to Thrive By by Dan Rutt
  • A Westerner in the Middle East: Opportunities and Challenges by DM
  • Isn't Language Learning Hard? by Duff Browne
  • Then What? by Glendon Strickler
  • Re-Entry: Caring for Returning Missionaries by Henry Blank
  • Practical Ways of Engaging Your Neighbors by Joe Hess
  • I’m Serving Jesus, Why Am I Depressed? by John Coblentz
  • Teaching More than Math by Judith Lehman
  • Ordering Your Digital World by Kevin Shenk
  • I Am Willing to Serve. What Do I Do Now? by Merle Burkholder
  • Teaching the Bible Effectively and Joyfully by Patrick Heatwole
  • Effective Strategic Planning and Budgeting Processes by Paul A. Miller
  • Leftovers for Loved Ones and other temptations common to leaders by Richard Bean
  • Burnout by Richie Lauer
  • Accessing the Care that Surrounds You by Shari Zook