Ministries of Faith Builders

Welcome to the application process for Faith Builders! There’s a great deal of information available here, but it can be summarized quite simply.

Each study opportunity involves an application process. For Summer and Winter Terms, this process is shorter than it is for the two-year tracks of study. The page below called “Apply for a Term” will connect you to the specific application for each study opportunity. All applications require the payment of an application fee. Application fees may be paid online at

The page on “Entrance Requirements” describes what we consider when we review applications. If you have questions about items described there, please contact us.

two teachers look through books in Christian Learning Resource

Christian Learning Resource (CLR) is the campus bookstore at Faith Builders Educational Programs. CLR serves the Christian community by marketing quality educational and inspirational resources. We think life's most important things are found in families and the Christian community. Therefore, we are committed to nurturing these areas by offering some of the finest resources available.

Christian Learning Resource's full website is available at

Mennonite Community Services offers seminars, retreats, workshops, and other services in response to needs and requests from conservative Anabaptist churches.

Mennonite School Services partners with conservative Anabaptist educators to organize services that contribute to the effectiveness of our schools.

Faith Builders Christian School (FBCS) is an integral part of Faith Builders Educational Programs. FBCS provides teacher apprentices with a convenient and practical place to be involved in the teaching process, logging actual time in the classroom.

FB Scholarship Services is a broad-based scholarship organization that serves schools across Pennsylvania.