College Student Weekend

Jul 09, 2021 to Jul 11, 2021
This weekend event encourages and equips Anabaptists who are attending college and university.

What does a Mennonite do in college?

When Anabaptist students go to school, they engage in the same disciplines required of all students. They hone their skills in analyzing literature, practicing medicine, creating art, and developing scientific understanding. But some of the questions Anabaptist students ask are a bit different:

How do I talk to my friends at church about what I’m learning?
How should I think about the emphasis at school on equality, women’s issues, and LGBTQ concerns?
How is Jesus relevant to my discipline?
Will college prepare me to serve the church or drive me away from my community?

At College Student Weekend, we gather to explore our calling to humility and faithfulness in education. Attendees share their stories in small groups and pray for one another. Experienced academics discuss topics such as Christian anthropology and bioethics. Speakers, staff, and students mix for times of food, fellowship, and recreation. In the 42 hours we have together, we seek to nurture a faithful, reverent pursuit of learning that deepens love for God and equips us to serve his people.

2020 program: Contemporary Issues in Anthropology

This year, we are developing a program that includes topics of anthropology in literature, LGBTQ+ issues, and civics. Speakers include

• Kyle Stoltzfus
• Lori Eby
• Ryan Hoover
• Jonas Sauder
• Nathan Zook
• John Mark Kuhns
• Stephen Russell

Registration is required for the event. We will review registrations around the beginning of each month, then notify registrants by email.

General Information

We are looking forward to a stimulating and refreshing weekend. Join us! To register, click on the button below or call (814) 789-4518.

Where: Faith Builders hosts the College Student Weekend at the River Ridge Mansion, an early-20th-century mansion built by an oil baron near Franklin, PA.

When: College Student Weekend 2021 begins on the afternoon of Friday, July 9, and continues through lunch on Sunday, July 11.

Cost: The cost of attendance is $200 per person, including two nights of lodging and five meals. The event is limited to 42 participants. Registration is required.