College Student Weekend

Jul 07, 2023 to Jul 09, 2023
This weekend event encourages and equips Anabaptists who are attending college and university.

At College Student Weekend, we reflect on what it means to be a conservative Christian student at college.  How does your Anabaptism shape you as a college student? How do your studies shape you as an Anabaptist?

We gather to explore our calling to humility and faithfulness in education. We talk about the issues raised at many campuses, hear from each other, and enjoy God's presence. Attendees share their stories in small groups and pray for one another. Speakers, staff, and students mix for times of food, fellowship, and recreation. We seek to nurture a faithful, reverent pursuit of learning that deepens love for God and equips us to serve his people.

2022 program

Plenary sessions include:

  • Beyond Enlightenment: Anabaptism in a post-secular age  Kyle Stoltzfus
  • A Positive Vision for the Kingdom of God  Byran Smucker

Breakout sessions include:

  • Mennonite Nurse: Spanning Two Worlds  Ryan Hoover
  • Coming Boldly to the Feast: Approaching Literature with Curiosity and with Doubt  Lori Eby
  • Science vs. Christianity: An Invented War?  John Mark Kuhns
  • Locating Your Vocation in God’s Grand Story  Byran Smucker
  • Cross-Culture Communication: Context, Power Distance, Values, and Taboos  Rosanne Bauman
  • Living in a Cross-Pressured World:  Josh Nisley
  • Living and Sharing My Faith in an Age of Indifference and Hostility  Stephen Russell
  • The Ironic Influencers: How Did Renunciation Empower the Eastern Ascetics?  Lucas Hilty

General Information

We look forward to a stimulating and refreshing weekend. Join us! To register, click on the button below or call (814) 789-4518.

Who: We welcome applications from full-time and part-time college and university students currently in school and/or planning to begin a program in the next academic year.  Registration priority is given to full-time students and students who are currently in school and will continue their studies next year.

Where: Faith Builders hosts the College Student Weekend at the River Ridge Mansion, an early-20th-century mansion built by an oil baron near Franklin, PA.

When: College Student Weekend 2022 begins on the afternoon of Friday, July 8, and continues through lunch on Sunday, July 10.

Cost: The cost of attendance is $220 per person, including two nights of lodging and five meals. The event is limited to 48 participants. Registration is required.