College Student Weekend

Jul 05, 2019 to Jul 07, 2019
This weekend event encourages and equips Anabaptists who are attending college and university.

Stay tuned--the 2019 program is coming soon!



Plenary presentations included:

  • Rosanne Bauman and others: Highlights of My College Experience
  • Jonas Sauder: Can Christians Think? The Implications of Being a Christian Thinker
  • John Coblentz: The Place of Faith in an Academic Setting

Breakouts included:

  • To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate: That is the Question (Rosanne Bauman)
  • Ethical Issues in Science (John Mark Kuhns)
  • The Christian and Politics (Stephen Russell)
  • Learning: Gaining Wisdom or Accumulating Technique? (Jonas Sauder)
  • Living Out Our Faith in Our Profession (Wes Schrock)
  • Practicing Medicine with the Great Physician as Our Example (Wes Schrock)
  • Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (Steven Brubaker)
  • Navigating Psychology as an Anabaptist (John Coblentz)
  • Learning: Gaining Wisdom or Accumulating Technique? (Jonas Sauder)

Registration is required for the event. Registrations will be reviewed in April, May, and June, and registrants will be notified by email after their registrations are reviewed.


College Student Weekend encourages and equips Anabaptists who are attending college or university. It is our intention to create a place for college students to discuss and think about their college or university experiences in consideration of the contrast and challenge those bring to the students’ Anabaptist heritage and context. Participants gather on Friday afternoon and disperse after lunch on Sunday.

The structure of College Student Weekend allows college students to talk with peers and mentors about their questions and struggles. Each participant is assigned to a group of five peers and two mentors. This group meets multiple times throughout the weekend, offering support, guidance, and prayer in the challenges the participants face.

The weekend also features plenary presentations by a speaker who has navigated the world of higher education and remained committed to faith in Christ and to belonging to an Anabaptist congregation. These presentations offer insights to current students on how they might also experience the world of higher education and remain faithful to their heritage.

In addition, breakout sessions offer content devoted to the development of a Christian mind. Breakouts typically focus on discipline-specific issues in subjects such as history, literature, education, math, science, and the arts. Speakers present biblical perspectives on the role of identity in the formation of our beliefs and values, the role of ideas in the pursuit of career preparation, and the role of commitment to church community. Breakout presentations provide fodder for formal and informal discussion about integrating Biblical perspectives and principles into the routines of college life.

Faith Builders hosts College Student Weekend near Franklin, PA, at the River Ridge Mansion, an early 20th-century mansion built by an oil baron. The cost of attendance is $190 per person, including two nights of lodging and five meals. This event is limited to 42 participants. To attend, registration is required. The registration deadline is June 29, 2018.