Choir Program

May 20, 2022
In the experience of beauty and worship, we give expression to many of our deepest emotions and desires, allowing the truth of God’s Word and the reality of His Presence to minister to us.

The Faith Builders Chorale will share their spring program on May 20 at 7:00 in the FBCS gym.

Spring Choir Itinerary

May 22   United Bethel, Plain City, OH  7:00

May 23   Faith Mission Home, Faith Mission, VA   7:00

May 24   Hampden Mennonite Church, Baltimore, MD   7:00

May 25   Myerstown Mennonite Church, Myerstown, PA  7:30

May 26   Believer's Mennonite Church, Hampton, CT   7:00

May 27   Disciples Fellowship, Granby, MA   7:00

May 29   morning: Calvary Mennonite Church, East Earl, PA 9:30

                evening: Wilkesbarre Mennonite Church, Wilkesbarre, PA   6:00

We sing to:

  1. Offer programs of musical excellence to FB students and to the broader community, programs that demonstrate the potential of choral music to portray artistry and beauty,
  2. Provide and promote choral music to FB students and chorale members, to the Mennonite church, and to the broader culture,
  3. Provide choral worship experiences that glorify God, that meet spiritual needs, that celebrate and express the Christian faith, and that cultivate the common bonds of those who share Christian beliefs and traditions, and
  4. Provide ministry experiences through choral music to Mennonite churches, other Christian churches, and the broader culture and world.

Faith Builders Chorale regularly offers the following events:

  1. Summer Term program
  2. Spring semester, seven- to ten-day tour
  3. Christmas program in the Guys Mills area
  4. A longer summer tour that includes European and other foreign tours (Click here for information about  the 2019 Summer Tour to Ireland, England, and Scotland.)