Education: A Radically Christian Practice

Academics tend to be a gloomy lot, perhaps confirming what the author of Ecclesiastes observed: "He who increases knowledge increases sorrow" (1:18). But a sampling of recent headlines might help explain why despair permeates the halls of the Ivory Tower.

"Here's How Higher Education Dies" (Adam Harris, The Atlantic, June 5, 2018)
"The End of the University" (Astra Taylor, The New Republic, September 8, 2020)
"The Economic Model of Higher Education Was Already Broken. Here's Why the Pandemic May Destroy It for Good." (Zachary Karabell, TIME, 27 August 2020)

Charitable Reading and Writing


Does it seem to you that public conversations these days are increasingly loud and shrill? Josh Nisley, the coordinator of the Institute writing program, describes how Christians can think charitably about reading and writing.

Education for Christian Community


Many forms of Christian post-secondary education operate within the assumptions of liberal democracy, with its separate spheres for public and private life. What would it mean, in an increasingly post-Christian and fragmented society, for Christian educators to support Christian community?

TAP: Equipping Educators

Teachers are problem solvers, learners, and community contributors. We seek in TAP, the Teacher Apprenticing Program, to address all dimensions of what it means to be a teacher through study, discipleship, and practice.


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