Winter Term Donut Social

Last Friday, all Winter Term students, volunteers, and staff were invited to a social in the gym. The cooks had been preparing for the social through the afternoon. Their efforts produced many dozens of glazed donuts, giving the social its popular name – the donut social. Adding to the fun, the student council planned group activities for all, followed by a snack and then volleyball.

Preparation for the social begins in the afternoon. Shavonn Miller, a volunteer in the kitchen, is rolling donut dough before cutting it out.

Beatrice King, the kitchen supervisor, took her turn at the deep-fryer!

Christian and Sara Kauffman glazed donuts under the supervising eye of Beatrice.

After the student council's activities were completed, three tables laden with donuts and other snacks were presented.

Conversation buzzed while the kitchen volunteers, who made the whole social possible, made their way through the line.