Winter break

Without students, the halls around Faith Builders could be called empty.  But don’t let the emptiness deceive you; there’s still a lot that happens during this week between winter term and spring semester.

The volunteers stay at Faith Builders during this week, as well as all staff.

Some things continue as normal.



The kitchen workers cook lunches, including hot lunches for FBCS, and a few suppers during this week.  Faith Builders Christian School continues as usual.  Office staff still put in normal days.

Some things are different.

Volunteers keep up with the ordinary work, but the break gives opportunity for larger projects like deep cleaning and reorganization.  There’s a small group at meals and more opportunity for fun and relaxation.



FB’s admin team goes on a retreat together.  Resource Group members meet, which involves travel.  This year, the week ended with two long days of course development work sessions.




In some ways, this week is quiet.  But it gives the opportunity of time set aside to focus on preparation and evaluation; because the things we humans fill our lives with are worth thinking about.