Summer Highlights

Summer Term 2015

Instructors: Patrick Heatwole, Steven Brubaker, Jonas Sauder, John Mark Kuhns, Earl Koch, Gerald Miller, Sharon Yoder, Cynthia Brubaker, Anna Zehr, Lynell Nolt, Lyle Stutzman

Instructors, Staff, Volunteers, and Students

Reflecting on Summer Term
A number of Summer Term students were asked to respond to the question:  “When I reflect on Summer Term, I (feel, think wonder, have considered, etc)”. Here are their responses.

A lifetime teacher
•         I feel? Grateful. Grateful to the instructors for giving of their time to model and encourage excellence in teaching. Grateful to my school board for allowing me to be here. Grateful to our school's supporters for giving financially so I could attend.
•         I think? How fast life rushed by. As an older student among the young adults, I wish I could have taken some of these courses earlier in life. I think how blessed the church is that these youth are becoming better than I ever was.
•         I wonder? How much of God's plan for my life can actually be achieved with the few short years I may have left.
•         I’ve considered? Goals and aims of life and why I am teaching. I have considered how to do a better job of it in the years I have left.
•         I hoped/dreamed? That I would glean some truths that would allow me to improve the school back home next year.
•         I’m excited? About teaching music. Watching Lyle and his techniques gives me hope that I can do for my students what he has done for us.

A beginning teacher
I feel like this has been one of the best summers of my life. The classes have been so practical and I have learned more than I ever dreamed it was possible to learn in 5 weeks. It has been hard work, but I have immensely enjoyed it. It helps that I'm a total school nerd and love to study and read and learn.
This has definitely been an experience I would love to repeat another summer (or maybe even for two whole years). I'm so glad I came!

Teachers Week

Morris Yoder presented The Heavens Declare during the general sessions.

We were blessed to have 350+ teachers attend this year!

We Welcomed!

Glendon and Starla Strickler and family moved to Guys Mills in June.  Glendon has joined the staff as FBTI Administrator!

Justin Kauffman came to Faith Builders as our maintenance volunteer!