FBTI Student Essays

How can we know what is true? What is man's problem? What is the good life? What is God like? Many answers have been offered to these questions. Introduction to Worldviews is a class that seeks to identify and wrestle with some of these basic questions of life and existence. These essays were written last December by students in Introduction to Worldviews Click the essays below to download and view them.

Philosophy of Jesus_Page_1

Life Out of Death

Jesus Meets the Questioner_Page_1

Jesus Meets the Questioner

Jesus the philosopher_Page_01

Jesus the Philosopher


I read these essays with interest. While Jesus the Philosopher was perhaps a cute, fluffy, humourous piece of comedy, it actually made me feel very uncomfortable. The Life out of Death essay, unfortunately, was unreadable. I am directionally challenged when I meet all those dashes. It means the writer is grappling for – um, truth—and I wish I could help the writer—but if I don’t know what is TRUTH—I cannot. The Jesus the Questioner essay, although unpolished, was a beautiful piece of truth that spoke directly to my heart. This essay addressed modern day approaches to truth, what truth is, and how it is lived out. Thank you, writer, as I needed that today.