Faith Builders Growth Project

Above: 3D rendering of the new Resource Group building. Click here for expanded view.

In 1992, Faith Builders purchased the old Randolph school building in Guys Mills, PA for $50,001. But would students come? Would donors give enough to make the facility useable? No one knew.

Thirty years later, those questions are answered. We've experienced God's faithfulness and His people's generosity. Our terms and events are full to capacity, demonstrating that Faith Builders is meeting needs in churches and schools in the conservative Anabaptist community.

We are preparing for the next thirty years by taking two significant steps of expansion to serve the ongoing needs of our communities. First, we are constructing a new Resource Group building. Second, we're planning an FBTI Expansion for the center section of the building.

Resource Group expansion

The new Resource Group building will expand the range of resources it provides for schools and churches.

Floor plan (click for expanded view).


Current status

The last week of June, the masons laid block on top of the footer.

On June 10, we received the green light to begin construction. On June 24, we began pouring the footer.

In May, the stormwater system was installed.


On April 26, staff, volunteers, and students participated in the groundbreaking ceremony.

Resource Group building timeline

More about Resource Group

Resource Group is the division of Faith Builders that coordinates educational work outside the traditional classroom. Through training events and educational resources, it supports church communities in equipping their members to fulfill their callings faithfully. The new building will allow Resource Group to expand the range of resources it makes available. Resource Group coordinates the following projects and events:


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