Welcome to Faith Builders!

Faith Builders Educational Programs is a learning community located in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. We seek to serve our communities by offering college-level classes, mentoring, and apprenticing as well as a variety of seminars, workshops, and other services.

TAP: Equipping Educators

Teachers are problem solvers, learners, and community contributors. We seek in TAP, the Teacher Apprenticing Program, to address all dimensions of what it means to be a teacher through study, discipleship, and practice.

Developing Passionate Belief

So often there's a gap between what we profess to believe and how we actually live, think, and love. Steven Brubaker, the administrator of Faith Builders, offers an invitation to develop passionate belief - and to be healed.

Emmanuel, God with Us

"O come, O come, and be our God-with-us
O long-sought With-ness for a world without,
O secret seed, O hidden spring of light. ..."

The Faith Builders Choir is happy to offer their program, "Emmanuel, God with Us," during this season of hope and remembrance.


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