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Embodied Education: Practicing Love of God

embodied education

In a lecture some years ago, Sir Ken Robinson suggested that educators are people who live in their heads, and slightly to one side. The only reason they have bodies, he deadpanned, is to carry around these lopsided heads. An educator himself, Robinson was poking fun at the tendency in academic settings to develop intellectual capacities to the neglect of other capacities, resulting in a significant disconnect from real life.

Chorale Summer Tour to the UK

A choir of 44 members is practicing and looking forward to a rich, educational, and worshipful tour this summer!

They anticipate seeing Ireland, England, and Scotland. Upon their return to the US, they plan to record and share one program in Lancaster.

See personnel here.

Follow the group on Facebook to follow their travels!

Cultivating Humility in Children

The educator Tim Elmore observes in his article “What’s the Deal with Arrogance?” that our culture values and rewards arrogance. Arrogance leads in business to more customers, in politics to more votes, and in sports to higher scores. I think that, if we are honest, we often think about successful people as those who can push themselves out in front of the pack.

Believers are certainly not immune from the value that broader culture places on arrogance. At least, I know that I’ve been bitten by the arrogance bug from time to time! God keep us from this malady!


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