Welcome to Faith Builders!

Faith Builders Educational Programs is a learning community located in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. We seek to serve our communities by offering college-level classes, mentoring, and apprenticing as well as a variety of seminars, workshops, and other services.

Why Choral Singing?

This spring would have marked the twentieth year that the Faith Builders Chorale planned a singing tour.

Instead, we found ourselves dismissing all on-site classes and rehearsals in March, hoping we would be able to return before the end of semester. May has arrived, however, and we find ourselves still largely sequestered in our homes and local communities, recalling nostalgically—in what now feels like distant memory—that we once sat together in relatively crowded spaces, without protective face masks, and without fear of serious illness.

Faith Builders Campus Closed

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of our lives. These are challenging times!

Embodied Education: Practicing Love of God

embodied education

In a lecture some years ago, Sir Ken Robinson suggested that educators are people who live in their heads, and slightly to one side. The only reason they have bodies, he deadpanned, is to carry around these lopsided heads. An educator himself, Robinson was poking fun at the tendency in academic settings to develop intellectual capacities to the neglect of other capacities, resulting in a significant disconnect from real life.


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