Transferring Credit

Students often ask if they can receive credit at other colleges and universities for classes they take at Faith Builders. This question has a layered answer.

  1. Faith Builders does not award college credits. However, numerous colleges do recognize work done at Faith Builders and choose to award credit. For many schools, an FB transcript is all that is needed in order for them to award credit in their institution.
  2. In 2010 Faith Builders began working with the National College Credit Recomendation Service (National CCRS) to determine whether courses offered by Faith Builders are comparable to college courses and to establish credit recommendations. National CCRS established specific college credit recommendations for the courses they evaluated. These recommendations can be viewed on their website at To receive credit for work done at Faith Builders by a college or university using the National CCRS recommendations, contact the registrar at Faith Builders to have an official transcript sent to the college or university of your choice. Upon application to a college or university, meet with an academic advisor and review your transcripts. Tell them about National CCRS’s online directory should they need detailed information about the course and credit recommendation. To view the Faith Builders courses that were evaluated and the credit recommendations of National CCRS, visit this page.
  3. Some colleges may not honor any transcripts from institutions that do not have national accreditation. In this situation students may be able to use the credit banking services of Thomas Edison State University of New Jersey. Credit banking services allow students to consolidate courses completed at Faith Builders into an official Thomas Edison State College transcript. This service is only available for courses recommended for college credit. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the receiving institution’s academic policy will allow transfer of each credit. Credit banking involves a fee based on the number of semesters hours consolidated.

There are no guarantees in any of the previous options. The best way forward is to be in contact with the schools where you plan to attend and become familiar with transfer policies.