Tuition and fees

The full cost of tuition, meals, and lodging is nearly $20,000 per year. Faith Builders offers a universal scholarship to all students in the form of discounted tuition, bringing the amount billed to students just over $12,000 per year, counting everything except personal expenses like toiletries. To assist students, Faith Builders offers a scholarship program which gives financial assistance to students. We also offer a deferred payment program, which allows students to wait to pay for their second year until after they have graduated and returned to income-producing work.

Following is a list of fees and related policies.

Application Fee

A nonrefundable and nontransferable fee must accompany the application for admission.


Tuition is due upon billing, typically during the first two weeks of term.


A deposit is to be paid to secure campus housing. This deposit is credited to the student’s account and may be refunded until May 1 of each academic year if Faith Builders is notified in writing. This deposit is nontransferable, and after May 1 of each academic year, this deposit is nonrefundable.

Personal Needs

Laundry, cleaning, spending money, items related to personal grooming, towels, sheets, pillow, off-campus transportation, etc., vary with the individual and are an individual’s responsibility.

Unpaid Accounts

A student who has an unpaid account may be suspended from classes and may not be eligible to take final examinations or to receive an official report of grades, transcripts, or diploma. A student with an outstanding balance on the bill from a prior semester will not be allowed to re-enroll unless the account is paid in full. The student may be responsible for any collection fees incurred in collecting the account.


Any student who withdraws from Faith Builders and completes the official withdrawal procedure, will receive a refund as follows:

  • Tuition:
    1. 75% will be credited during the first week of classes
    2. 50% will be credited during the second week of classes
    3. 25% will be credited during the third week of classes
    4. None will be credited after the third week of classes.

If a student officially withdraws from the institution during the first three weeks (beginning with the first day of check-in) of the semester, the dormitory fee will be charged per week for any part of a week in which he resides in the dormitory. There will be no refund for the room portion of the dormitory fee after the first three weeks; however, the meals portion will be refunded at a flat rate per week for the unused portion of the semester.

Withdrawal Fee

A fee will be charged for the processing of an official, unofficial, or administrative withdrawal.

Graduation Fee

Students planning to graduate need to request a graduation application from the main office and return it two months prior to commencement. A fee is required with the form which goes toward the cost of the diploma.

Refund Policy (Enrolled Students)

Refunds are issued upon request when an overpayment (credit balance) exists.

Lab Fees

In certain courses, fees will be charged in addition to tuition.

Bad Checks

A student will be charged a fee for returned checks.


The room fee (applicable to on-campus students only), tuition, and all other costs for the full semester are payable within 20 days of the beginning of each semester. If any student is 10 days or more delinquent on his school account, the student may be removed from classes and will not be eligible to take final examinations. A prior year’s account must be settled for a student to receive permission to reenroll at the institution. Additionally, the Registrar will not release an official transcript of the academic record, or a diploma, without proof of payment of all institutional charges. There will be a finance charge of 1% per month on all past due or unpaid accounts (maximum annual interest rate of 12%).

Textbook Purchases

Textbook costs range from $10-$100 per class depending on the course. The cost of textbooks is not included in the tuition. Textbooks may be purchased from Christian Learning Resource.

Download our latest fee schedule.