Non-program studies

Most students are enrolled in a two-year track of study that has been carefully planned to encourage spiritual, academic, and vocational development. Several other shorter study options are available.

People who wish to study at Faith Builders Training Institute have the following options:

  1. A two-year track of study: students choose from Teacher Apprenticing, Christian Ministries, or General Studies. More details here.
  2. Five-week Winter or Summer Short Terms: The Winter Short Term (January) specializes in Bible, theology, discipleship, and music courses. The Summer Short Term (July) focuses on courses of interest to K-12 educators and general education students. Students are free to select courses of interest to them. Mentoring and apprenticing are not offered in the short terms.
  3. One-year non-program studies: Attend Fall and Spring Semesters for one year, typically following the first-year course sequence. Non-program students participate in mentoring and apprenticing.