Tim Kauffman

Bookstore manager

Life verses: II Corinthians 3:18; Philippians 3:10-11

Tim Kauffman was born in central Georgia but grew up in Alabama and Arkansas. After graduating from high school as a homeschooler, he worked part-time in his family’s cake factory and part-time in construction work for several years. Since 2013, Tim spent fourteen months as a maintenance volunteer at Penn Valley Christian Retreat, taught school for two years in northeastern Ohio, then taught for another half year in his home community in Arkansas, and finally spent two years at FBTI as a student. After graduating from the Teacher Apprenticing Program in 2020, he stayed at Faith Builders as a staff member.

Tim likes books, theology, philosophy, poetry, music, coffee, plants, and waterfalls, and finds joy in sharing these things with other people. His passion is to discover what it means to be fully human through union with Christ and to draw others into this adventure.

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